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Secure Mesh Fencing

Secure 200/50 V-Mesh

For many schools and small businesses, choosing a fence is often limited by the budget available.

The perfect solution would be the Secure 200/50 Mesh Fencing System. This system offers you the ideal combination of cost-efficiency and quality with its visually pleasing design, innovative quality features (e.g. V-shaped pressings) and unrivalled reliability.

Key Features

  • A...

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Automated Gates & Barriers

[img393-L-R] Automated Gates & Barriers Automated Gates & BarriersAutomated Gates & BarriersAutomated Gates & BarriersAutomated Gates & BarriersAutomated Gates & BarriersAutomated Gates & Barriers


We specialize in the supply & installation of Swinging and/or Sliding Gates, for both Domestic & Industrial applications.

See our sister companies website dedicated to DOMESTIC Installations

A sliding gate does not need the space that a swing gate requires to open. This leaves the full length of the driveway usable for parking vehicles and...

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Steel Palisade

Secure Steel Palisade Fencing

Secure Steel Palisade Fencing provides both a visual and physical deterrent.

Secure Steel Palisade is regularly specified by Insurance Companies as one of the most cost effective perimeter solutions for businesses.

Why Specify Palisade?

  • Cost Effective
  • Durable & Robust Versatile – can be installed easily on sloping ground
  • Good Vandal Resistance


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358 Prison Mesh

Secure 358 WireWall Fencing: 358 Prison Mesh

358 Prison Mesh

Secure 358 WireWall is the ultimate in mesh security fencing systems for perimeter protection, offering maximum security and anti-corrosion protection. Secure 358 is suitable for use in many locations where security is of paramount importance, and particularly where good visibility has to be maintained, such as prisons, airports & schools etc.

The design...

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ALL our Secure Railings are finished Hot Dip Galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461, and/or Polyester Powder Coated to any colour of your choosing, & should last a lifetime – we DO NOT just paint our railings like many of our competitors, as the short term cost advantage is outweighed by the rusting & deteriation of the product over a short time, in our opinion



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Timber Acoustic Fencing

The standard Reflective Noise Barrier system is the most common and widely used in the UK, mainly for Highway Works related applications. The system is totally gap free to produce the obvious advantages in noise reduction to the immediate vicinity.

Designed to literally reflect the noise waves, this screen acts as a barrier where direct line of noise is required to be reduced. Also this sound screen...

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Pedestrian Guard Rails

Our Pedestrain Guardrail panels are constructed in standard 2M long x 1M high panels with rectangular hollow section posts and rails and circular staggered infill bars. Posts are extended for concreting in but an be supplied with base plates if required. Panels of non-standard lengths, gradients and radii together with matching gates and removable panels are available to order. We can manufacture...

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Acoustic Fencing

We were asked by our client, Sanderson Weatherhall, for a fence which provide a certain noise reduction/decibel reduction.

The site was a Logistics Company, which backs onto a Housing Estate.

The client was seeking to extend the unit & increase production, and part of the planning condition, was there was no increase to noise by the additional wagons and fork lifts the extension would bring

We supplied advice and technical data sheets confirming that the reflective acoustic fence would provide the required sound reduction, at a height of 4000mm

The project was completed within the time frame required and on budget

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Timber Post Rail

We supply & install all manner of Timber Post & Rail fencing, for Farms, Highways, around Car-Parks etc. All our timbers are pressure treated to give a 30 year guarantee

Timber Post Rail

Timber Post RailTimber Post Rail

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Heavily galvanised before welding making it a strong cost effective mesh suitable for many uses. Manufactured from 2.50 mm or 3.00 mm thick wires with a hole size of either 50 mm x 50 mm or 75 mm. x 25 mm electrically welded at every intersection providing stronger fencing than chain link. Available in a wide choice of roll lengths and heights which can be quickly installed using steel,...

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Chain Link

Secure Chainlink mesh for fencing, woven from steel wire, is probably the most widely used and versatile of all fencing fabrics, available in a variety of wire gauges and mesh sizes to suit specific applications.

Available in three finishes, heavily galvanised, P.V.C coated with a bright core or for double protection, P.V.C coated with a galvanized wire core.

Secure Chainlink fence is recommended...

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