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Automated Gates & Barriers

[img393-L-R] Automated Gates & Barriers Automated Gates & BarriersAutomated Gates & BarriersAutomated Gates & BarriersAutomated Gates & BarriersAutomated Gates & BarriersAutomated Gates & Barriers


We specialize in the supply & installation of Swinging and/or Sliding Gates, for both Domestic & Industrial applications.

See our sister companies website dedicated to DOMESTIC Installations

A sliding gate does not need the space that a swing gate requires to open. This leaves the full length of the driveway usable for parking vehicles and is useful where space is restricted.

A closed sliding gate offers better resistance to being forced than a pair of swing gates and therefore higher security.  Sliding gates will work across an upward sloping driveway where a pair of swing gates would not open inwards.

Secure Fencing provide a range of swinging & sliding gates for all applications. From single user domestic gates of 300 kilos to continual use Industrial ‘Sliders’ weighing up to 4 tonnes. Whatever the application, we have the right gate & motor for the job.

Both pedestrian and vehicle access gates can be automated to suit a clients needs. These gates can be either single or double leaf, including drop bolts and sliding latch, and/or magnetic lock & ‘wrap around’ Locks, which give an additional lock which is RamRaid Proof!Automated Gates & Barriers

Automated Gate control options Include key pad intercom, card reader, radio transmitter, push button, proximity readers, gsm controls – where gates can be opened or closed via your mobile phone from anywhere in the world!

We also provide free entry and/or exit loops.

***IMPORTANT NOTE TO CONSIDER:- We are one of very few Companies who can GUARANTEE our Gates comply with the very latest HSE Guidelines***

See HSE Link for requirements:-

We can now offer Risk Assessments & Force Testing on your existing gates - we issue a detailed report & all Force Test Results, then confirm whether gates comply to the HSE standard or not, and offer options as to how to get them to comply

BARRIERS:-Automated Gates & Barriers

The most common means of traffic control, for both Commercial & Industrial premises. Can be manually operated or easily automated, depending on your application

Accessory options to the basic barrier include stop signs, bottom skirts, flashing lights, and safety loops.

All Our Barriers are both heavy duty & have a rapid rise, however we have 3 Models, to suit budget & usage:-

  1. Moderate to Medium Usage ie. A school, with access/ingress for staff and the odd delivery
  2. Medium to Heavy duty Usage ie. A Distribution Centre, with Vehicles exiting/entering regularly all day
  3. Heavy to Intensive Usage ie. A Car Park with cars continually entering/exiting 24 hours per day

All Our barrier lengths range from 3 metres upto 10 metres in width, are constructed from Lightweight Aluminium or Stainless Steel, with colour coated finish and are Warranted for free, for 12 Months

Barrier control options Include intercom, card reader, radio transmitter, push button, free entry and/or exit loops.

**We can offer 12 months term maintenance contracts on all our products, which include free call outs, as advised by HSE – please call for details**


For more details please download data sheets here...Data Sheets

Automated Gates & BarriersAutomated Gates & BarriersAutomated Gates & Barriers

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